For those who want to help themselves, I offer this information and these cleansing protocols freely because I think they are vitally important, and I don’t believe there is a living human these days that doesn’t need them. In yoga cleansing is seen as getting rid of that which limits us and prevents us from seeing the truth (we say ‘kriya’), and enjoying good health. Body and mind are elegantly interrelated and you will find as you cleanse that many mental and emotional issues are resolved as well, setting the stage for greater spiritual awareness and capability.

I also offer this information to save myself time and effort in sending it to those who request it from me. Please take responsibility for your own health and do your homework! I have observed how easily we give away our power and responsibility for our health to others, usually due to fear. It is easier to put our trust in a title than to listen to the wisdom of our own body. If something doesn’t make sense to you, please read up on it yourself and come to understand your own body better. Nobody but yourself can truly make you well.

I have observed that in the early 40s, things start to break down (arthritis, cancer, MS, heart disease, kidney & bladder issues, digestive issues etc.), unless you’ve already taken to cleansing practices. Here is what I consider to be absolutely essential in terms of lifestyle:

  1. MUST eliminate properly (ideally after each meal)
  2. Get proper exercise, sleep and not eat late in the evening (after about 7 pm)
  3. MUST drink sufficient water
  4. Must eat a healthy, light diet with sufficient vegetable fiber, avoiding processed foods
  5. Detoxify organs to eliminate negative effects of medications, vaccinations, drugs, poor food, environmental toxins, stress and heavy metals.
  6. Do not suppress colds, flus and infections. These are important natural processes for your body to remove toxins. You can support & hasten the process by cleansing as well.

The following is how to accomplish this. My best wishes to you!


Causes of Illness:

Almost every illness is caused and preceded by congestion of the ducts and vessels of circulation and elimination, such as the bile ducts of the liver, the digestive tract, the blood and lymph vessels, the urinary tract, the meridians or nadis and the hormonal pathways (endocrine system). These include:

1. Bile duct obstruction in the liver by hundreds and thousands of intrahepatic stones — the main cause of almost every chronic illness

2. Thickening of blood vessel walls (capillaries and arteries) with excessive protein, leading to chronic health problems such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, brain disorders, arthritis, cancers, etc.

3. Waste accumulation in the gastro-intestinal tract, affecting the health of every cell in the body, and indicated in almost every disorder and emotional/spiritual problem

4. Lymphatic congestion, also indicated in every health problem, including weight gain, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, hormonal issues, reproductive disorders, etc.

5. Energetic blocks in the body’s meridian network and chakra system, affecting all organs and system in the body

Possible Sequence of Cleansing:

Change in diet – Ayurvedic diet, cut out processed foods and drinks, fresh, whole, lots of vegetable fibre, some raw food diet.

Dental Amalgam Removal – if appropriate.

Remove Toxic Products and Chemicals from Environment – Try to eliminate chemical cleaning and personal care products and cosmetics which are absorbed by the body and block lymphatic system.  Check ingredients… avoid: propylene glycol, parabens, aluminum, formaldehyde, petroleum products (Vaseline), phthalates, FD&C of D&C (colourants), fragranges, toluene (nail polish), triclosan, etc. All deodorants (natural or otherwise) are problematic.

Bowel – start with several colonic irrigation sessions (“colonics” or “colon hydrotherapy”) or home enema program.  Bowel will not stay clean unless liver function is next improved.

Parasite Cleanse – If appropriate

Liver – series of liver flushes to remove intrahepatic stones.  This varies from person to person; anywhere between 5 and 20 flushes (or more) may be required.  It is important to do bowel flush just before and just after each liver flush.  It can be done twice per year for maintenance afterwards.

Kidney – cleanse with herbal tea preparation every 4 liver flushes.  Kidney cleanse may also be done prior to liver flush if kidney problems are indicated.

A Word on Vaccinations:

Don’t do it! I consider all vaccinations to be toxic and better avoided. I know a number of adults (myself included) who have suffered serious health conditions as a result of submitting to the ‘recommended’ regimen of travel vaccinations as adults (cancer, ALS, MS, arthritis, acne). Please do your homework and consider this very carefully. I am currently having extremely good results working with Zeolite clay (see Links below) to detoxify heavy metals resulting from vaccinations, which seems to work very well for migraines as well. There are other products for heavy metal chelation; I will report in more detail once I have more experience with them.

Home Enema Instructions:

Enema kit can be purchased online or at a surgical supply store or Shopper’s Drug Mart (in Toronto called “Hot Water Bottle & Fountain Syringe”!)

Enema water must be purified or filtered water.  Warm temperature (not hot).  Fill bag and clamp off. Hang enema bag not more than 3 feet above body.  Use oil or lubricant on enema nozzle.  To fill rest on your hands and knees with your head bent lower.  Once you’ve emptied bag or feel full (listen to your body) remove nozzle and turn over onto your back on the floor.

  • Shoulderstand – one minute
  • Lie on back with knees bent up – 5 minutes
  • Lie on right side with knees bent up – 10 minutes
  • Empty on toilet.
  • Massage abdomen with a little sesame oil.  Up on right side, across transverse colon (right to left) and down on left side.

Practice makes perfect!

Home enema program initially might be for 5 weeks:

  • One enema each day before bed (on empty stomach) for first week
  • One enema every 2nd day for second week
  • One enema every 3rd day for third week
  • One enema every 4th day for fourth week
  • Once in fifth week

Note – See Links section for Colon Hydrotherapy recommendations.

Liver Flush Instructions:


  • 6 1-liter (32 oz) containers Apple Juice
  • 4 tbsp oral Epsom Salts (available at drug store, try Rexall!)
  • ½ cup (4 oz) Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ¾ cup of fresh squeezed Pink Grapefruit Juice (or lemon/orange combined)
  • 2 large jars with lids
  • Straws

Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse (day 6), since you will be able to rest the next day. Do not flush during menstruation. New Moon or Ekadasi days are best. Try to avoid Full Moon.

Drink 1 liter (32 oz) apple juice per day for six days.

During this time avoid very cold foods and beverages.

On day 6 take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without; they could prevent success. Colon should be cleansed both before and after liver flush.

On day 6 eat a light breakfast and lunch as usual, however do not eat any fats, oils, proteins, nuts etc. all day. AFTER 2 PM HAVE NOTHING BUT WATER.  This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

6:00 PM. Add 4 tbsp Epsom Salts to 3 8 oz (1 cup) glasses of filtered water in a jar. This makes 4 servings of ¾ cup each. Drink the first portion now with a straw to avoid taste buds. Drink a few sips of water afterward or brush teeth to remove taste. The Epsom Salts widen the bile ducts making it easy for stones to pass. They also act as a laxative.

8:00 PM. Repeat by drinking another 3/4 cup of Epsom salts.

8:30 – 9:30 PM If you have not had a bowel movement until now and have not done a colon cleanse within 24 hours, take a water enema; this will trigger a series of bowel movements.

9:45 PM Wash and squeeze grapefruits by hand and remove pulp. You need ¾ cup of juice. Pour juice and ½ cup of olive oil into a jar with lid. Close the lid tightly and shake hard, about 20 times until thoroughly mixed. Set aside. Prepare for bed, brush teeth. You will want to be comfortable in bed by 10 PM so that you can lie still and not move. Visit the bathroom one last time

10:00 PM Stand next to bed (do not sit) and drink mixture (use straw to avoid taste buds). Drink as quickly as possible. I like to have a mint available to suck on after drinking down.

Lie down immediately, and remain perfectly still for at least 20 minutes and try not to speak. You might fail to get stones out if you don’t. Put your attention on your liver. Try to fall asleep, either on back or right side.

During the night you may feel nauseous, or during early morning hours. This is due to toxins moving quickly. It may pass, however if you need to get up during the night, that is okay.

6:00 – 6:30 AM Drink third ¾ cup portion of Epsom Salts. If you are very thirsty take a glass of warm water first.

8:00 – 8:30 AM Drink last ¾ cup portion of Epsom Salts

10:00 – 10:30 AM You can drink freshly squeezed fruit juice. A half-hour later you can take some fruit. An hour later you can take a light meal. By afternoon or evening you should feel back to normal, and perhaps quite better than normal!

Expect diarrhea in the morning and possibly afternoon. Most gallstones are pea-green colour, however can be brown, black, red. They can be all shapes and sizes. You may also find a layer of green or tan chaff in the toilet. This is equally important to release.

Have a colonic within 1-3 days afterward to make sure that all stones have been removed from the colon. Several enemas can be done instead.

Kidney Cleanse Instructions:

Kidney Cleanse Tea:

  • 2 oz Golden Rod Herb
  • 1 oz Marjoram
  • 1 oz Cat’s Claw
  • 1 oz Comfrey Root
  • 2 oz Fennel Seed
  • 2 oz Chicory Herb
  • 2 oz Uva Ursi
  • 2 oz Hydrangea Root
  • 2 oz Gravel Root
  • 2 oz Marshmallow Root

Herbs can be mixed together dry by herbalist. This amount should last about a month.

Soak 3 heaping tbsp in 2 cups water, covered overnight. In A.M. bring to a boil then simmer 10-15 minutes. Sip throughout the day for about 20 days.

Note – these herbs can be purchased affordably in bulk at Thuna Herbalist in Toronto.

According to Chinese medicine:

  • Too much anger injures the Liver
  • Too much fear injures the Kidneys
  • Too much sadness injures the Lungs
  • Too much thinking/worrying injures the Spleen
  • Too much joy/excitement (emotion) injures the Heart

Recommended Books:

The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush – Andreas Moritz (

Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation – Andreas Moritz (

Cancer is Not a Disease – Andreas Moritz (

Inside Poop – Scott Webb

Become Younger – Norman W. Walker

Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life – Norman W. Walker

Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care – Dr. Bernard Jensen

Recommended Probiotic:

PB8 by Nutrition Now (low cost, effective) at heath food stores

Colon Cleansing Supplies:

Triphala (Ayurvedic) can be purchased locally in capsule form or low-cost powder from Organic Traditions (Advantage Health Matters) at most health food stores.

Colosan can be purchased from (USA) or

Colosan (made of magnesium oxides) will gently oxidize and cleanse the intestines and colon using oxygen to remove the putrefaction that is accumulating in your intestines and your colon.

In Canada there is a product called “Bioxy Cleanse” powder or capsule available in health food stores.


Excellent Chinese herbal preparations which assist with liver flushing and hormonal conditions for women (based in Toronto):

My favourite low-cost, easy to take parasite cleanse:

Another good parasite cleanse available at health food stores in Canada:

Zeolite clay for detoxifying heavy metals; I recommend “Zeolite Pure”:

Recommended colon hydrotherapy clinics in Toronto:

Toronto Colonics,

Andreas Moritz’ website (a wealth of knowledge – many articles, videos and Q&A on liver cleansing, cancer and other health matters as well as purchase of books):

From Andreas Moritz’ “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush”:

Signs of Gallstones:


  • black spots and small or large brown patches
  • vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, pimples or hair growth
  • horizontal wrinkles across bridge of nose
  • green or dark color of the temple area at the sides of head
  • oily skin in the are of the forehead, excessive perspiration, yellow facial skin
  • hair loss in the central region of the head


  • hardening and thickening at the tip of the nose
  • nose is constantly red
  • cleft nose or indentation of the tip of the nose
  • nose is bending towards the left


  • skin color under the eyes is yellowish
  • water-containing bags under the lower eyelids
  • white cloud covers the pupil of the eye
  • constant redness in the white of the eye; white/yellow mucous patches
  • thick white line covering parts of the periphery of the iris
  • eyes have lost their natural luster and shininess; vision problems

Tongue, Mouth, Lips and Teeth

  • tongue is coated yellow/white, especially in the back part
  • teeth impressions on the sides of the tongue, also whit mucous discharge
  • pimples on the tongue
  • cracks on the tongue
  • repeated mucous discharge into the throat and mouth
  • poor breath and frequent burping
  • crust formations at the corners of the mouth; ulcers
  • dark spots or patches on the lips
  • swollen or expanded lips
  • swollen, sensitive or bleeding gums
  • tooth problems

Hands, Nails and Feet

  • white, fatty skin on the fingertips
  • dark red fingernails
  • vertical ridges in the fingernails
  • hard protrusion at the ball of the foot
  • yellow color of the feet
  • hardness at the tip of the fourth toe or a callous in the area under fourth toe
  • curving of the first toe inward towards second toe
  • white color and rugged surfaces of the fourth and fifth toenails

Fecal Matter

  • emits sharp, sour or penetrative odor
  • dry and hard stools
  • pale or clay-colored

What Can I Expect from the Liver Cleanse?

  • A disease-free life
  • Improved digestion, energy and vitality
  • Freedom from pain
  • A more flexible body
  • Reversal of the aging process
  • Inner and outer beauty
  • Improved emotional health
  • A clearer mind and improved creativity

Other signs of congestion:

Liver Congestion

Most adults have hundreds to thousands of stones (both calcified and cholesterol stones) blocking the bile ducts of the liver.  An x-ray will only show calcified stones in the gallbladder.  Stones in gallbladder indicate liver is already full.  Liver enzyme levels will still appear normal, so to a doctor, often liver congestion is not indicated.

Bowel Congestion

The average American is carrying between 5-25 lbs. of surplus fecal matter, which has attached itself to the colon walls and does not pass out of the body.  Women likely carry more as they are known to have poorer digestion and elimination generally, until later in life when men seem to catch up.  We call this matter “mucoid plaque”.  A colon coated with plaque is not able to derive nutrients properly from food, becomes breeding ground for parasites.

Kidney Congestion

Dark circles under eyes

Bladder/urinary difficulties



  1. Janaki, thank you so much for presenting that informative workshop “Healing with Yoga” there was some good information that I’ll put to use I’m sure, keep up the beautiful work.

  2. Hi Janaki, thanks for this incredible post! Question: can I eat in the first 6 days of the liver detox or am I strictly supposed to consume apple juice?


  3. Hi Janaki,

    Namaste! I attended your workshop on cleansing later part of last year which I liked a lot and now I have got the time to do enima and lever flush. For enima kit, in Shoppers home health care they have two types one is disposable and another is re-usable. The disposable one already has the liquid filled in it. Can you pls suggest if I can use the disposable one?


    1. Om Sonali.

      No, the disposable is no good. You want an enema kit which looks like a hot water bottle with tubing attached, so that you can use purified water only inside.

      Best wishes,

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