Crow and the Coconut

Crow on a Coconut Palm
Crow on a Coconut Palm

I recalled one of my favourite stories tonight as I was teaching the workshop on “standing asanas”…knowing where you stand in life. The story of the crow and the coconut was told to Rama by Sage Vasistha in the “Yoga Vasistha”, which is a scripture and presentation of Vedanta philosophy.

Not much of a story really, but a crow is flying and lands on a coconut palm tree. At the exact moment the crow lands, a ripe coconut is released and falls to the ground. The two events seem related, but there is no causal relationship. Our mind often invents the relationship between the two to satisfy our need for a logical outcome. Did the crow cause the coconut to fall, or was it ready to drop?

Vasistha says to Rama, “act as if everything you do makes a world of difference, knowing all the while that everything you do makes no difference to the world”. So it seems we are meant to act, to “do”; with full faith, full devotion, interest, enthusiasm, using all of our wisdom, our abilities, and trust, while remembering that it makes no difference at all. Which means, the important part is what is happening internally. And, such is life. Such is ‘creation’.



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