Saraswati Yantra
Saraswati Yantra

I am becoming more convinced that the physical body must indeed resemble the astral body and the causal body. The same geometries, the same shapes, the same energies and vibrations must be present not just internally, but in the very creation of the outward form. How else can we and do we recognize each other from one incarnation to the next? The shape of an eye, the way it moves, the way the head connects to the shoulders, the length of the limbs, the hands, the way we walk. I used to think perhaps only the eyes betrayed the soul, but now I realize it is all geometry, form, structure, which is to say that it’s all energy or vibration manifest. There is no separation of these concepts.

Borrowed from
Borrowed from

Just as the geometry of the yantra invites us to “go deeper” in our understanding, we are meant to see these connections and to in fact go much deeper than the limitations of the physical body. But in a way, and if you see these deeper connections, is the physical body really so limited? It is all the same, as long as you have the eyes to see.

Just thinking.



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