When in Rome … “Rrrrrramon”!

Nadia in Rome...."Rrrrramon"!
Nadia in Rome….”Rrrrramon”!

Allow me to be a little silly here! This “Rrrramon” thing is catching on. How it works is that when you finally ‘get’ an asana (I hesitate to say ‘achieve’) you say, “Rrrrramon”! Simple as that. Try to roll the ‘r’, if your tongue works that way. It’s quite satisfying.

The Wednesday night yogis at Lineage Yoga are particularly fond of this practice. So much so that when Nadia, who is vacationing in Rome at the moment, sent a photo of herself in Vriksasan (the Tree), the students asked me to convey “Rrrrrramon” back to her right away!

The photo makes me feel very happy. Lineage Yogis seem to take a lot of vacations (as do Lineage Yoga teachers it may seem). I am just so happy that Nadia is in Rome, and kicking off her shoe and doing it. It means that she’s thinking about yoga. And that’s how I hope and pray that it goes, that those I teach start to think about yoga, more and more, and see it as part of life, and not just something on Wednesday at 6. And, you know, being focused on yoga is a really good way to live your life. Even though you may find yourself in time throwing out your ironing board, and sprouting and learning how to ‘telescope your ribs’. And, if you become a yoga teacher, waking in the night to scribble notes about ‘telescoping your ribs’ and never, ever having a normal dinner hour again in life….but it’s a good life, and a happy one!

Please do practice!

Love and pranams,


Yours truly...practicing in Istanbul!
Yours truly…practicing hard. in Istanbul!

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