So much fun! I love cities. I’m grateful that I spent so much of my formative years in nature in Northern Ontario, but I adore cities and I think they put us in touch with different parts of ourselves. Cities are pure energy, and perhaps have much to teach us about our own energy and potential. I’ve always wanted to go to Istanbul. I see it geographically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually as a real meeting point between east and west. And it seemed like there was something healing for me in this.

Following the lady with blue legs & cork heels with the boyfriend in flip flops...
Following the lady with blue legs & cork heels with the boyfriend in flip flops…



Indeed there was! Much shifting took place for me, and a lot of letting go of things and ideas that weren’t working. Much to do with communication and finding better ways to express my goals and desires. Since returning home it has been suggested to me that the voice I desire, the divine feminine is to be found most powerfully in vibration, in silence. And interestingly, I have lost my voice completely since I’m home, which makes yoga teaching difficult, but I’m trying my best!

Of course, it is said that Istanbul is the seventh most polluted city in the world, in terms of sulphur dioxide (fossil fuels, gasoline etc.). Tehran is third, which I can vouch for, and Rio sixth. China takes first and second place. It is said spending a day in Beijing is like smoking 21 cigarettes and Mumbai 18 (more during Diwali). So, let’s guess Istanbul might be 20 cigarettes a day. For a girl who has never smoked a cigarette in her life, I’ve just smoked the equivalent of roughly 200 cigarettes! No wonder I’m coughing.

More impressions of Instanbul, and Sufi gravestones to come!




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