Vipassana means to see things as they really are. Some of us know this term as a technique of meditation. It occurs to me that seeing things as they really are means breaking things down to their smallest parts and looking at each part. Then we find that each part is in fact, or can be, distinctly different. The overall picture might appear a certain way. We might feel that we too are a certain way, but when we break it down we can find that there are many different realities. Like when we zoom in on an image and find that it is perhaps not as cohesive as we thought. In fact, each little bit of information, each truth is distinct, having its own reality. One is not more true than another. It is not possible to say, “I am like this”, because sometimes I am not.

There are many thoughts as to what the bump on the Buddha’s head means, called the ‘Ushinisha’, artist’s representations symbolizing a top-knot, or super-intelligence, or the flame of supreme knowledge. However the small spiralling bobbles to me feel like pixels, little distinct truths, realities, choices. Each one contributing to the whole, but retaining its own consciousness. Perhaps seeing the bigger picture necessitates acknowledging each of our different spiralling realities and not judging which is the right way of being.

Just a thought.






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