The Yellow Paparazzi - ruthless in their quest for the shot!
The Yellow Paparazzi – ruthless in their quest for the shot!

I’ve been thinking lately about people, how we need to constantly adjust our way of being with others. There is no rule-book. Sometimes we need to bend and yield, sometimes the compassionate action is not so soft. As someone walking the path, aware of the complexities that ego presents, constantly re-assessing your role with others. How to be gentle without being manipulated? How to integrate your thoughts and intuitions about others into what you imagine their reality and needs to be? Sometimes getting it wrong, for certain, but in those moments having the strength to continue forward with a confidence. Growing.

Confidence - I did buy the beads!
Confidence – I did buy the beads!

And this is not to mention the idea of karma. We all have intricate contracts with one another, which remain unknown to us. Only through intuition we can perhaps have a glimpse of how we are to act. I think sometimes that intuition is simply confidence, or making an effort to set aside fear from our interactions with others. Our legal system, our medical system, and perhaps even our education system seem terrifically fear-based. Fear prevents us from taking the right action, the maybe mucky compassionate one, perhaps the one that is needed. Cultivating a quiet, relatively fearless mind becomes that act of compassion. As Swami Sivananda says, “meditate, it is the only way”.

Varanasi - mala re-strung!
Varanasi – mala re-strung!

The other thought I have is that life is only just this….people. Our beautiful, inspired interactions as well as our muddy, frustrating ones. All of them valuable.

Thank you.



T Stal
T Stal

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