Lineage of Mothers

A sort of Lineage of Mothers

In these final days of Navaratri I am thinking about knowledge…as I should be. However this year it has sunk in a little deeper than it has before, but also left some questions for me. That is that the goddess grants knowledge but that she also deludes. She manifests as error and confusion as much as she is also wisdom. Swami Sivananda says, “there is no wonder in this. In spite of intelligence, all creatures are struggling for the sake of belly”. The divine will always prevails. You could say, ‘trust in the flow of life’.

The question that I am left with is that Navaratri seems an occasion for those who want to change, to transform themselves. Literally to purify and to triumph over negativity. We are told that truth alone triumphs and that by purifying and encouraging abundance, we open the door for wisdom to enter. We have the strength of the divine Mother and creative energies at this time to do it. Our sadhana at this time is more potent, more directed, will better reveal where we need to change. But what of those who don’t want to change? How can I, as a teacher, as a friend, as a daughter, as a human being better serve those who don’t want to change? Those for whom the sword of Kali may be too sharp?This is not really a question specific to Navaratri, but this is what has come up for me this year.

Swami Sivananda perhaps answers it here,

“The message of the Mother is: become a practical embodiment and champion of positive idealism, relative usefulness without attachment to the world, self-perfection, equal vision, balance of mind, motiveless service to humanity, unselfishness and absolute humility”.

Happy Dussehra or Vijaya Dasami



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