Help me with a new project!

Supermarket by Narayani - Choices on all sides
Supermarket – Choices on all sides…

I typically have several pots on the stove at once. One, which has been in mental preparation for at least the last 10 years is now coming to fruition and I’m quite excited about it! I’d love to have your help with an initial research mission for the project.

If you would like to participate, please send me a photo of yourself in a yoga asana that you really feel you understand deeply. It should just make sense to you somehow when you’re doing it, even if you can’t put in words why or how. It doesn’t have to be one that you do well, but just one that you really “feeeeeeel” or that your intuition tells you is important to you.  It’s not about achievement or perfection. It may be one that you struggle with, but you should have had a sort of “aha!!” moment in it at some point. Try to take the photograph in some context (this is very important) – space, environment, time that fits with how you feel about it. Please don’t worry about looking pretty or about the photograph being a work of art! A snapshot is fine as long as it is clear. And please don’t worry about being ‘right’. There is no right or wrong; it’s more about feeling.

Bridge - Like an arch, I too have an invisible means of support...
Bridge – Like an arch, I too have an invisible means of support…

If you would like to participate please email a photo (a short video would also be ok, if you work that way!) at and include a little description of what you were thinking or feeling – if you can. I would love to be able to post them here, along with your description, so please let me know if it is okay to do so. If not, please do still share with me. This will be a big help to me, and a nice way to share your practice. I really look forward to seeing your photos!

Laundry by Narayani - folding...
Laundry – folding…

The examples I’ve included here are all from Narayani, a yoga teacher in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico. Narayani graciously allowed me to post them, in the interest of sharing. I was impressed. They are beautiful, but when I saw them I thought, “here’s one yogi who GETS it!” Wonderful!

You can see Narayani’s website here:

Don’t be shy!



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