Beautiful Mistake

“Fear is nature’s warning signal to get busy.”

˜Henry C. Link

It is our lack of insight and understanding that causes us to think that it’s possible to make mistakes in life. In fact, we believe so deeply in this idea that it causes us to fear unnecessarily. For example we think that cancer is the body attacking itself, and since we don’t know how to cure it, we begin to fundamentally distrust ourselves. This is an unfortunate place to be mentally. The truth of the matter, with respect to cancer, is that prevention IS cure. Even after diagnosis, turn to prevention, and by removing the causes and toxic conditions of the body and of the mind, create the conditions to enable the body to heal itself.

Life is wise. We are wise by nature. Mistakes are only the moments before we get it just right, or the moments in-between “rightness”. Mistakes are part of the process. Those in-between moments are often more beautiful than the polished ones.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished.”

˜Jalal al-Din Rumi


Swami Vishnu's arms
Swami Vishnu's arms

I found this photo recently of Swami Vishnu-devananda. I immediately loved it. I guess artistically or aesthetically, but also that we are seeing an in-between, blurred moment.  His face is covered. There is a stillness, but at the same time, the arms are “going” somewhere. I also have my own in-between moment, captured…whether grasping or “un-doing”, we are not sure.

Janaki's arms
Janaki's arms

These days the artist is creeping back into everything I do. I think I’ve always applied my artist’s mind to yoga, but now the arms are aching to “make”, and “do”. The mind is making connections that are more evanescent, symbolic. It’s all sadhana.



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