All of human history, time, past, and future has been leading only to you. Everything has happened in just the right way to make your life possible. All the people who have come before you have worn a path and acted in such a way to make “you” possible. In doing so each person has left traces of themselves on the world. You also will leave traces yourself, your own indelible mark. It is completely your choice to decide what to leave behind. And it is also your responsibility to act in such a way as brings honour and fulfillment to the inner stirrings of your soul.

You are the most important person in the world. It’s not about ego. But if you were to live your life at every moment aware of the perfection and power of “you”, if each of us were, we might do a much better job of avoiding pain and conflict and experiencing beauty. I don’t mean to sound hokey. Just what I’ve been thinking about.

“Heyam dukham anagatam”
Future misery should be avoided.
˜Yoga Sutras, 2:16

This sutra suggests that indeed, we do have a choice. But I leave the final word to Rilke:

“The world is large, but in us it is deep as the sea”.
˜Rainer Maria Rilke




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