What to do in a Himalayan traffic jam?

Sing and dance....of course!
Sing and dance....of course!


It seems I learned one thing this month. Don’t sweat it. “Nothing special” is what a landslide is in the Himalayas.

Of course it all seems special to me. And I hang onto this viewpoint. Probably better to be somewhere in-between the two. This has been one of the most beautiful lessons I’ve had from India. “Who do I think I am?” My life is valued about as much as the next guy, which is to say…not much! Only another human life. And, while I subscribe more to the “special” school, understanding this detachment has been tremendously helpful. A little release of the ego. I remain grateful for this lesson.

And, I am home, in one “special” piece. I will write more soon.




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