Art Yoga

Varanasi, India
Varanasi, India











“Art, at its best, takes the brain to a sense of transcendence. Sometimes it’s a very small one, sometimes it’s a bigger one. You suddenly see something that you hadn’t seen before. You suddenly make a connection which you hadn’t made before. And this [yoga] strips away all the objects of art: strips away the sculptures, paintings, photos, films etc. and just gives you the transcendence. All it does is that it makes that connection”.

˜participant, Y8, Germany

“Let’s say I’m in a room with Bergman or Kurosawa, and they have achieved this [greatness], but ultimately they’re going to the same place I’m going to. You understand that art doesn’t save you. It doesn’t save me. So then I think to myself, what’s the value? After Kurosawa sits back and says, “Yes, Rashomon, I did a very fine job there,” what happens? He still has to come home, you know, and eat his bowl of rice, and down the line, they bury him”.

˜Woody Allen

Thanks Woody, but why do I remain interested in art? I think art is creation at a basic level. We need to be at peace with our ability to create and have experience with creation in life in order to find the balance required to move beyond the second chakra (swadhisthana). The second chakra is really all about balance since it has two distinct manifestations, two hips, male/female, relationship etc . In “The Serpent Power”, Woodroffe claims that the ancient Egyptians warned against focussing too much on second chakra, that it was dangerous.  Artists and Yogis are similar in that both are walking the fine line between all the sets of opposites we can think of, beautiful/ugly, you get the picture. Is it a rich place to be or a dangerous one? Who am I to judge, maybe it’s both. I’ll give the final word to Osho:

“The only prayer is to be creative, because it is only through creativity that you participate in the whole…Creating a painting is nothing. Creating a poem is nothing, creating music is nothing compared to creating yourself, creating your consciousness, creating your very being”.


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