Salaam Namaste!


Om Namah Sivaya

Welcome to my blog! Here I hope to share some of the teachings of yoga, as filtered through my own consciousness, practice and experience of culture. I hope to encourage a deeper dialogue and thinking about yoga. And yoga can go quite deep! I hope that the blog can serve as a place for students to find additional information, and communicate their thoughts to me.

I have been travelling and teaching for the past four years. A lot of time, really, spent in the east. But the west is “home” here I am now, setting myself up again in Toronto. I will be teaching structured yoga courses, workshops and…my new program called “Yoga for Cancer Healing”. Please check back here for information on timings and locations.

Here are a few quotes (since I love to quote!) which seem quite relevant to where my head is at:

“And like an arch, I too have invisible means of support”. -the Milieu

and… as said to Johnny Cash, “It hasn’t got to do with believing in God, Mr. Cash. It’s about believing in yourself”.

More soon.



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